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S1mple slams Twitch during first stream back after ban

Published: 11/Dec/2019 14:59

by Kamil Malinowski


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev had a lot to say about Twitch during his first stream back after a ban he was less than pleased with.

S1mple was banned from Twitch for a second time on November 28 for allegedly using a homophobic slur directed towards a player in one of his CSGO games. This came just a few months after his first ban for a similar incident in August.

He wasn’t impressed with the decision, claiming that the word he used has “different meanings in different contexts”, before slamming the platform for being “stupid” and “terrible.” He went on to ask Twitch to remove his partnership.


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Many fans speculated that it was the end for s1mple and Twitch, however, the Ukrainian unexpectedly returned to the platform on December 10.

The Natus Vincere star didn’t comment on his return on Twitter, where he made his initial complaints, but simply chose to provide a link to his stream.

On his stream though, he spoke freely, suggesting that Twitch are “out of their minds” for banning him and arguing that he doesn’t use the word with homophobic intent. “Are they idiots? Have I ever said that I don’t like any particular people?”S1mple later added, once again explaining that he does not use the word to offend or insult.


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He then continued (translated from Russian): “What, I can’t say on my stream words that I want? Are you f***ing idiots? If I want to say something I will say it, If I don’t I won’t. Why the f**k are they forbidding people saying certain things. Hmph, really funny, these little people.”

Some fans have suggested that the Ukrainian could potentially be planning to move to YouTube, where he will stream and upload video content, however, he has not confirmed any future plans.  

So far neither Twitch nor s1mple have made any further comments, but its possible another sanction could be incoming, after he used the word he was previously banned for again, while his concerns. On this occasion, it wasn’t directed at anyone, but Twitch could still deem that it breaks their community guidelines.