Reckful claims he's willing to hire people to murder members of his Twitch chat - Dexerto

Reckful claims he’s willing to hire people to murder members of his Twitch chat

Published: 8/Oct/2018 11:53 Updated: 8/Oct/2018 11:59

by Matt Porter


Popular Twitch streamer Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein has claimed he is willing to hire people to murder the public, including members of his Twitch chat.

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Bernstein made the concerning claims live on Twitch while discussing what would happen if a viewer approached him in public and harassed him.

The American stated: “Y’know, someone’s gonna walk up to me, say whatever… Look, go the fuck away. I don’t care that you exist. I’ll kill your entire family. Get the fuck out of my fucking face. I will hire ten people to kill your entire family.”


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Reckful continued his tirade, stating that he had said these things to people in the past, and that he didn’t care about the things he said.

Bernstein then turned his attention to his Twitch chat, claiming that “to hire somebody to kill somebody is fucking cheap,” before warning his chat; “Someone in chat right now, I’ll fucking look up your information, I’ll find everything about you, and I’ll kill your entire family. It’s cheap.”

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Towards the end of his rant, friends who were also in the call began to talk over Bernstein, trying to drown out what the former World of Warcraft pro was saying. It’s unclear if Bernstein was joking when he made these comments, and has yet to reference the statements on social media.


Members of the Twitch community on Twitter have stated their frustration that Reckful hasn’t been punished for his outburst on Twitch, but fellow streamer Trihex was banned for accidentally saying a slur on stream during the same week.

“What he said is morally wrong and illegal,” stated one Twitch user. “He should be punished, if not permanently banned from Twitch.”