Rapper Quedeca says Minecraft star Dream is "overhated" & praises his music - Dexerto

Rapper Quedeca says Minecraft star Dream is “overhated” & praises his music

Published: 30/Sep/2021 17:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Rapper Quedeca had some kind words for YouTube sensation Dream while creating a tier list for some of the most popular artists on the platform in 2021.

Dream is easily one of the most dynamic content creators on YouTube. Despite being best known for his Minecraft videos, he’s dipped his toes into making music and has done a pretty bang-up job at it, with his music channel growing to over 1.7M subs.

On September 29, Quedeca put together a tier list for the site’s best rappers and seemed to be really impressed by Dream despite putting him in B-tier, ahead of Jake and Logan Paul.


Even though Quedeca was admittingly a bit nervous to grade Dream, he kept it together and explained his reasoning or B-tier carefully.

(segment begins at 6:17 for mobile viewers)

Quedeca supports Dream’s music

“I feel like Dream is very overhated, because he’s so wildly successful,” he said. “He actually has a very solid voice and has made some pretty good pop songs.”

According to the rapper, Dream “low key bodied” Alec Benjamin during their “Change my Clothes” collaboration song.

That said, there are some improvements he feels Dream needs to make, as there are some lines that come off “a little awkward” but the potential is still there to “drop some fire sh*t.”


“Keep making music, because I feel like you are getting better and you have a pretty good sense of pop songwriting,” he encouraged. “And I appreciate that in these songs you are being pretty vulnerable in such a wildly publicized and kinda scary artform. That’s as genuine as you’re going to get from me.”

The kind words from the rapper actually touched Dream, who responded to the video after watching it.

“Quadeca being the goat as always,” Dream tweeted, prompting Quadeca to reply back with a tear of joy emoji.

Given the respect the two have for each other, it will be fun to see if they ever team up and collab, but until then, it’s nice to see that Dream has no plans on stopping his music career.