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Rapper Juice WRLD Apologizes to Twitch Streamers Banned for Playing His Music on Stream

Published: 24/Jun/2018 13:27 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 18:21

by Calum Patterson


US rapper and singer Juice WRLD has publicly apologized to streamers who were affected by bans after his record label Interscope reportedly dealt DMCA takedowns accidentally.

Juice WRLD, real name Jared Higgins, has risen to prominence with his unique style of ’emo rap’, and has become a very popular artist for streamers playing music while they broadcast.

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On June 22nd, a number of top streamers on Amazon owned platform Twitch logged in to discover their channels had been banned for 24 hours.

Professional Overwatch League player Jay “sinatraa” Won tweeted that he had been given the ban for listening to Juice WRLD specifically.


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Due to the popular Friday Fortnite tournament, which participants are required to stream, host and organizer KEEMSTAR co-ordinated with Twitch and Interscope to have the bans lifted, just in time for the start of the tournament.

As of now, it is believed that all channels have been reinstated, with Interscope reportedly explaining that the strikes were made due to an automated system and were ‘accidental’, according to KEEMSTAR.

And on June 23rd, Juice WRLD himself addressed the situation via Twitter, apologizing and saying he will work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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Although technically it is not permitted to play copyrighted music or to cover copyrighted songs on stream, Twitch and the record labels very rarely enforce the rule.


There is a library of music which Twitch has licensed to be played on stream, which can be found at


For now though, it looks like streamers can continue to play Juice WRLD’s music without fear of bans or other actions from Twitch or Interscope.