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Popular Hearthstone pro thinking of migrating to 'Mixer'

Published: 5/Aug/2019 18:55

by Brent Koepp


Popular Hearthstone streamer Thijs ‘Thijs’ Molendijk teased his audience during a livestream on Twitch on August 5, saying that he was going to be partnering with ‘Mixer‘ in the near future.

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After Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ controversial switch to Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer on August 1, it’s left people wondering if other streamers could also be making the move.

During a Twitch broadcast on August 5, G2 esports pro Thijs surprised his viewers when he declared that he would be moving over to ‘Mixer’ too.

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Thijs’ partnering with ‘Mixer’

While the Dutch streamer was playing Hearthstone, he told his viewers that he was going to be playing on Mixer instead.


“I think I might actually play on Mixer today. Or play with Mixer today. If I shall partner with Mixer guys, which one do you think is the best?” he asked.

Twitch: ThijsThe Hearthstone pro told his audience he’s thinking of moving to Twitch’s rival platform.
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After the shocking revelation that he was considering partnering with Twitch’s rival, the Hearthstone pro then switched out of his game to a Google web search of actual mixers you use for cooking.

“I kind of like this design,” the 25-year-old pro laughed, hovering his mouse over one of the cooking appliances on the page. “Seems really, like more modern.”

Twitch: ThijsThijs revealed that he was talking about kitchen appliances.
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As Thijs continued to look at all the various mixers, he eventually came to the conclusion that he wasn’t sure and then jumped back into his match.


After hilariously trolling his audience, the streamer couldn’t help but crack a smile. Given that many have been speculating if other users could be leaving Twitch, the bait and switch was masterfully done.

Seems the Dutch pro is not actually going to be partnering with Mixer anytime soon and will remain on the platform, much to the delight of his subscribers.

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Thijs is one of the most popular Hearthstone streamers on Twitch, boasting over 674,000 followers on the platform as of August 5.