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Pokimane went on a “dating show” – and here’s what happened

Published: 18/Apr/2021 21:56

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been fairly open about her relationship status as a single woman who’s not currently interested in dating — but what happens when she enters a “platonic” dating show?

Pokimane’s relationship status has been a point of contention among critics for some time. In fact, fans pestered her so much about her love life that she finally published a tweet in March that simply read, “Single btw.”

She clarified that she isn’t looking for a potential romantic partner, either — but that isn’t stopping her from seeking out a “best friend” in the interim.


A month after her viral tweet was posted, Pokimane appeared on an episode of Austin TV’s infamous dating show, “Love or Host” — this time with a platonic twist. Instead of trying to win her heart, competitors were vying to become Anys’s “best friend,” which resulted in some seriously hilarious moments.

Pokimane had quite a few streamers to choose from, including the likes of Mizkif, QTCinderella, Esfand, and more… but it was QTCinderella who ended up stealing the show.

During her brief introduction, Cinderella showed off a friendship necklace she had bought for herself and Pokimane — as well as a full-blown mural on her bedroom wall full of commissioned artwork of herself and Anys as besties.


That’s not all; the streamer even created an entire scrapbook full of photoshopped pics of herself and Pokimane. Now that’s dedication!

Pokimane shocked by QTCinderella mural
YouTube: Pokimane
It’s safe to say that Pokimane was shocked by QTCinderella’s dedication to the bit.

However, one of the funniest parts of the stream occurred when Minecraft creator Jack Manifold presented Pokimane with a custom shirt he’d made that read, “I love Pokimane platonically.”

This prompted QTCinderella to bust out a sweater she’d made with Anys’s face on it, drawing laughter from the 14 streamers in the group at the totally ridiculous competition for the title of Pokimane’s best friend.

Ultimately, Pokimane ended up becoming “best friends” with Twitch streamer CaptainPuffy, making for an unexpected but fitting end to a hilarious stream that’s well worth a full watch through.