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Pokimane shades Alinity after receiving spam donation message

Published: 22/Jul/2019 0:05 Updated: 22/Jul/2019 0:35

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys used a troll donation message as an opportunity to throw shade at fellow streamer ‘Alinity Divine’ during her July 21 broadcast.

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After Alinity’s cat fiasco spilled out across social media, many influencers and streamers were left shocked and furious and called for Twitch to ban her from the platform.

Fellow internet sensation Pokimane was not happy with the female streamer’s treatment of her pet, and has now shaded her even further by using a troll donation message.

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Pokimane threw shade at Alinity

During Pokimane’s July 21 stream, a fan used their donation to joke about Alinity’s cat drama and the controversy surrounding it. 


The message said: “Oh my fucking god, Pokimane. If you don’t move your fucking cat, I might snap. Oh my god, move the cat, or else I will pick her up and throw her.”

Twitch: PokimanePokimane threw shade at Alinity after a troll donation.
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Pokimane didn’t know what the message was related to at first until the throwing part was mentioned when it became clear it was mocking the Alinity incident.

Without hesitation, the Twitch streamer used the opportunity to throw shade and joked: “Alinity, please stop donating to me. Like, you know that you can just message me on Twitter or something.”

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xQc was also trolled by a similar message

It seems that many people are starting to use the Alinity situation for humor, as xQc’s recent July 20 stream was also interrupted by a troll donation.


“I had a run in with Alinity today when I was walking my cat. She tried to give it vodka, and my cat stood strong and refused.” the message began. “She tried to pick up my cat and throw it behind her back, my cat stood strong and refused. Alinity, in defeat, walked away in agony.”

The Canadian streamer wasn’t as taken with the joke as Pokimane was, and it didn’t get much of a reaction from him.

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It remains to be seen if Alinity will be facing any sort of punishment from Twitch for her actions.