Pokimane explains why streamers like CallMeCarson behave “inappropriately” after achieving success - Dexerto

Pokimane explains why streamers like CallMeCarson behave “inappropriately” after achieving success

Published: 16/Aug/2021 20:14

by Dylan Horetski


Following a controversial appearance from CallMeCarson on fellow streamer Mizkif’s Twitch stream, OfflineTV founder Pokimane explains why she believes young streamers behave “inappropriately” when seeing fame.

Carson “CallMeCarson” King made an appearance on fellow streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s August 13 stream, his first stream appearance since January 2021 when he was exposed for allegedly grooming minors.

The Minecraft streamer is not the first internet personality to be accused of grooming minors, with James Charles being accused in early 2021.

Twitch personality and newfound movie star Pokimane provided her stream chat on August 15 with an explanation of why she believes young personalities behave “inappropriately” when they see success — while emphasizing that she doesn’t mean it’s OK.


Pokimane explaining behavior
Twitch, Pokimane
Pokimane explains her thoughts on “inappropriate” behavior from streamers.

Pokimane expresses her thoughts

On her August 15 stream, Pokimane stops scrolling through clips on Reddit to address a recent surprise appearance by CallMeCarson on Mizkif’s stream. Starting off the chat, she explains that once a creator starts to see success on a platform, they are open to having fans that look up to them — idolize them, even.

“But the thing is, just because someone has clout doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a good person, or a good boyfriend, or a good whatever.” She notes that its less about being a good person, and more so about being experienced in life.

She continues on: “A lot of people, because they’re so good at content and gaming and whatever, it’s because they’ve spent a lot of their young formative years only on this one thing, which means it’s likely that they are kind of lacking in social experience.”


The creator continues explaining her thoughts: “So, when they are inundated with all of this online attention and girls worshipping them and wanting to do anything for them, it’s an unfortunate combination, and a lot of the time it ends in inappropriate or egotistical behavior, because they don’t know any better.”

Implying that she thinks lack of socialization with younger influencers directly leads to these behaviors, Pokimane emphasizes that she doesn’t think they shouldn’t take responsibility for their actions.

The creator ends her statement: “Its a convoluted problem,” before looking down into her phone.