PhantomL0rd Threatens to Sue LivestreamFail Reddit Mods After He’s Accused of Owning Another Skin Gambling Site – Dexerto

PhantomL0rd Threatens to Sue LivestreamFail Reddit Mods After He’s Accused of Owning Another Skin Gambling Site

Published: 5/Jul/2018 15:20 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 17:28

by Calum Patterson


Infamous streamer and YouTuber James “PhantomL0rd” Varga has threatened to sue the mods of popular sub Reddit ‘LivestreamFail’, after a post¬†which accused he and his former partner of ‘scamming’.

PhantomL0rd was previously a very popular Twitch streamer before he was banned from the platform, largely due to his involvement in a CS:GO skins gambling website, which he would promote via his streams.

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It was later exposed that he had been rigging certain wagers in his favor, encouraging his viewers to play on the site which he was part owner of.

He is currently embroiled in a legal case against Amazon (owner of Twitch) itself, but has now threatened more litigious action against another major site, Reddit.

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A new skins gambling website named ‘VGO’, which PhantomL0rd is accused of not disclosing ownership in, was recently promoted on stream by his former partner ‘Dinglederper’.

A clip of this was posted to LivestreamFail with the title “Dinglederper back to scamming with phantoml0rd“. After seeing the post, PhantomL0rd sent the following message to the moderators of the sub reddit.

PhantomL0rd is accusing the moderators of the sub Reddit for being responsible for ‘harassment’ which is not permitted according to the Reddit terms of service.

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However, the moderators of LiveStreamFail responded publicly to PhantomL0rd, in an open letter posted to the sub Reddit, explaining that the post did not qualify as harassment as outlined by the terms of service.

Considering PhantomL0rd did not accuse the post of being libellous, it also suggests that the claim of ‘scamming’ is not necessarily a false one, else a case of defamation or libel would have been more suitable.

The response from LiveStreamFail in full:

Phantoml0rd threatening legal action against the mods of this subreddit from r/LivestreamFail

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Since Reddit admins have not notified the moderators of an issue with the original post, it seems PhantomL0rd’s grievance, should he want to pursue it further, would now lie with Reddit itself since it is satisfied that the post does not break the rules of the TOS.

However, considering his ongoing legal debacle with Amazon, it would be somewhat impressive if he was willing to take on both internet giants at once.