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PewDiePie roasts “sociopath” David Dobrik while rating YouTuber house tours

Published: 22/Jun/2021 20:09

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star David Dobrik has finally returned to his regular vlogs after months of silence amidst multiple controversies… and while his fans are celebrating his comeback, PewDiePie has made it clear he’s not enthused about the ordeal.

David Dobrik has made his grand return to YouTube after taking a lengthy hiatus amid the global health crisis, and subsequently, a slew of scandals alleged against him by former members of his ‘Vlog Squad’ friend group.

After being dropped by several sponsors and losing hundreds of thousands of subscribers, Dobrik uploaded his first vlog on June 16, prompting division among the YouTube space.


While some viewers are ecstatic that their favorite vlogger is back online, others are decidedly less enthusiastic about this turn of events — and Swedish YouTube paragon PewDiePie is one of them.

David Dobrik returns to YouTube
YouTube: David Dobrik
David returned to YouTube on June 16 after a slew of scandals prompted him to take a hiatus from content creation.

PewDiePie was rating influencer homes in a YouTube video uploaded on June 22 when he came across David’s house tour from four months ago.

Immediately, PewDiePie admitted to not being a huge fan of the vlogger, which tainted his review of Dobrik’s otherwise opulent Los Angeles home.

“I think, overall, David being a sociopath and lacking any actual personality, I think that shows in this house,” he commented. “Where is he in this? It looks good, don’t get me wrong. But this is his house, and there’s no way to know that.”


However, his stance changed somewhat after seeing the “alcohol everywhere,” but that didn’t prompt him to give the home a stellar grade. Overall, PewDiePie placed the home in C-Tier, claiming that he “didn’t like him.”

(Topic begins at 7:30)

This is far from the first time PewDiePie has thrown shade David’s way; in fact, the YouTube king has done so on several past occasions, calling him “weird” and “shady” and even stating that Dobrik gave him the same “vibes” Logan gave him before being “canceled” over his scandal in Japan in 2018.

For now, David has yet to comment on PewDiePie’s thoughts about him, making for yet another episode in Kjellber’s ongoing dislike of the vlogger.