PewDiePie Accuses of Tana Mongeau of Scamming Fans After Failed TanaCon – “She should go to jail” – Dexerto

PewDiePie Accuses of Tana Mongeau of Scamming Fans After Failed TanaCon – “She should go to jail”

Published: 30/Jun/2018 10:11 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 15:50

by Calum Patterson


Following up to his previous video on the failed ‘TanaCon’ convention, PewDiePie has released a new video in which he is much more critical of the event and its organizer, even suggesting it was verging on criminal.

YouTuber Tana Mongeau set up the ‘TanaCon’ convention as a direct response to what she felt was poor treatment of creators at VidCon, but her event didn’t exactly go as planned.

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After thousands of people showed up to the venue, some reportedly ticketless after supposed free entry was advertized, resulting in the event being cancelled due to overcrowding.

In addition, people who had paid full price for tickets which would apparently get them in through a separate queue were placed in the same queue as non-paying attendees.

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It was also claimed that those who paid $65 for tickets would receive a gift bag worth four times the value, but some recipients of the bag have shown it to only include stickers and a condom (labelled ‘TanaCondom’).

It was claimed by Tana that they event had to cancelled due to “15,000” people showing up, however a statement from the local Police Department suggests the number was only 4,000, as PewDiePie explains.

“We have a statement from the City of Garden Grove Police Department saying they sold 4,000 tickets, and the hotel ballrooms where the event was scheduled could hold a maximum of 1,150 people.

The more I find out about TanaCon, the more annoyed I get. I kind of gave her a pass in my last video, but she should be banned for hold any event in the future, she should go to jail.”

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PewDiePie explains that the event was based on a sequence of false information and has effectively scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from people.

“This whole event was just selling lies. It’s an actual con. There was supposed to be free tickets, but also tickets you could buy and if you bought the tickets you would get to skip the lines, you would get this cool goody bag which would be four times worth the ticket.

Well as we know now, there was no separate line if you paid, there was really no difference at all if you had paid for a ticket or not.”

Shane Dawson was also claimed to be making an appearance at the convention, which PewDiePie says would have been a major attraction for many of the fans, but Dawson did not show up due to safety concerns.

You can watch PewDiePie’s full follow up video on the TanaCon scam below, where he goes into more detail as to why he was angered by the event and Mongeau herself.

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A number of fans were also vocal on Twitter about the wasted time and money spent on attending TanaCon, which also includes hotels and flights from other countries.