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Olivia Jade mocked for calling herself an influencer on Dancing With The Stars

Published: 21/Sep/2021 15:22

by Sam Comrie


YouTuber Olivia Jade claimed to be best known as an influencer on Dancing With The Stars, but viewers have made it clear that they think this is an incorrect summation for her rise to fame. 

With over 1.8 million subscribers amassed since June 2014, Olivia Jade Giannulli’s path to success has been mired in controversy along the way. Stemming from her notorious college admissions scandal, the YouTuber has remained a divisive figure.

Now, the content creator has found herself in the limelight once more. However, it isn’t for reasons she might have hoped for.

Competing on Dancing With The Stars, viewers didn’t hesitate to mock Olivia Jade after she said that she is best known for being an influencer.


Influencer Olivia Jade poses for an Instagram photo
Instagram: oliviajade
The YouTuber was part of the 2019 college admissions scandal.

Olivia Jade’s DWTS controversy

Season 30 of Dancing With The Stars is underway and Olivia Jade has decided to try her hand in the world of competitive dancing.

Alongside the likes of Spice Girls alumni Mel C and The Office’s Melora Hardin, Olivia Jade’s trajectory on the show has so far, been an attempt to get fans onside following her past antics.

Unfortunately, viewers of the show haven’t been so favorable towards Olivia Jade’s new direction, after the content creator claimed she is best known for being an influencer.

In 2019, Olivia Jade was part of an elaborate scandal, that saw her parents (along with many others) bribe admission boards to allow entry into prestigious colleges. Investigated under the amusing codename, Operation Varsity Blues, Olivia Jade’s ploy to be admitted featured her posing as a competitive rower, despite having no interest in the sport.


Going on to form a huge YouTube following, with vlogs depicting her wealthy lifestyle, her apology at the time was criticized by celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jada Pinkett Smith.

While Olivia Jade isn’t as active on Twitter these days, it is very possible a video response will appear in the form of a YouTube vlog.