Ninja Reacts to $100,000 Donation During GuardianCon Charity Stream - Dexerto

Ninja Reacts to $100,000 Donation During GuardianCon Charity Stream

Published: 13/Jul/2018 10:05 Updated: 10/Oct/2020 16:04

by Mike Kent


“With great power comes great responsibility” is clearly a motto that the world’s most popular streamer, Ninja, lives by.

The Illinois based personality has consistently raised money for charity on the back of his streaming success, and on Thursday, July 12 he raised a further $326,066.44.

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Ninja was part of a collective of streamers, featuring the likes of DrLupo and TimTheTatMan, who raised a whopping $2.7m for St Jude’s under the GuardianCon banner.

The marathon streaming segment saw the personalities involved take part in various forfeits for money raised, including dying hair and tattoos.

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Ninja’s list of forfeits included $500 donations to drop all of his materials on Fortnite, through to a stretch target of $250k raised, which would mean he’d have to get two tattoos.

That stretch goal wasn’t looking like it would happen, however, that all changed when an anonymous donor decided to drop a cool $100k.

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The donation came through while Ninja was busy playing with his pets and talking to his wife.

Once he noticed, he naturally looked in complete shock, before discussing that he wanted to get a Llama tattoo done for reaching the goal.