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Ninja look-alike shows why he’s the perfect replacement on Twitch

Published: 7/Sep/2019 15:03 Updated: 8/Sep/2019 3:23

by Daniel Cleary


Popular streamer Tyler ‘Fortnite Battle Royale content in 2018, amassing over 14 million fans on his channel.

However, Ninja later announced that he would be leaving the livestreaming site and exclusively broadcasting on Microsoft’s platform, Mixer, leaving the top spot up for grabs.

NinjaNinja has had massive success on Mixer since his departure from Twitch.
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Since Ninja’s departure from Twitch, top streamers Tfue and Shroud have been going back and forth as the most followed active channel on the platform, although they may soon have another challenger.

Twitch streamer, xDORITOSAURUSx, may quickly rise up the ranks to take Ninja’s former place after viewers discovered how similar he looked to the Fortnite star, making him an ideal candidate to replace Ninja on Twitch.


xDORITOSAURUSx was streaming some Rocket League when he was asked by fans if he had ever been asked about his resemblance to Ninja and the streamer revealed that he is faced with it daily while out in public.

“Do you know how much I hear that I look like Ninja? I can’t go anywhere.” The streamer explained,  “At the grocery store people are like, has anyone ever told you…And I already know what’s coming, you look like Ninja bro”

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The Twitch streamer was then asked by viewers to attempt Ninja’s famous dance – ‘The Pon Pon’, to which he reluctantly agreed, “He’s going to sue me if I Pon Pon but for you guys, I’ll do it.”


His viewers were quite impressed with the streamer’s Pon Pon dance attempt, with many suggesting he had what it takes to be the perfect replacement for Ninja.

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Ninja is not the only popular streamer who has a look-alike streamer, as his fellow Fortnite star, Tfue, also had a fan who looked similar to him start streaming on Twitch, confusing many viewers of the Former FaZe Clan pro.

It is unlikely that Ninja would mind the rise of the streamer, xDORITOSAURUSx, as Ninja has had massive success since his move to Mixer, shattering records on his new livestreaming platform of choice.


Many viewers are now hoping that the two streamers will collaborate in the future as the likeliness between the pair could make for some hilarious pranks on fans.