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NICKMERCS hilariously exposes Twitch viewer who asks to be unbanned

Published: 25/Oct/2019 12:46 Updated: 25/Oct/2019 13:21

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff called out one of his donators after they claimed to have been unfairly banned from his typing in his channel.

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Many of the top streamers often have to deal with viewers looking to troll or provoke them while they are broadcasting to their fans and they usually enlist the help of a moderator team to help police their chat.

However, some viewers can find themselves being unfairly banned during moments of chaos within a stream, which often leads to them reaching out to the streamer through donations in an attempt to get their ban lifted.


FaZe ClanMany Twitch streamers such as NICKMERCS often have viewers looking to troll them.
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Popular streamer NICKMERCS found himself in this exact situation during his stream on October 24, after a viewer had reached out to him about his previous ban, claiming that he had only jokingly called Nick a “turkey.”

Unfortunately for the donator, the Twitch star was able to access a log of all the viewer bans and began hilariously exposing some of the messages that were actually typed in NICKMERCS’ chat by the Twitch troll.

“If you play World of Warcraft you’re a b*tch”, NICKMERCS read aloud, starting to list off a few of the donator’s negative comments which even included an attempt to pit Nick against his fellow streamer, Ninja.


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Nick was surprised after reading through the viewer’s comments and highlighted the viewer’s earlier excuse, expressing that none of the messages were similar to his claims, “that doesn’t translate to turkey, none of that, none of it! All of that is not grouped up to turkey.”

NICKMERCS also uncovered that the troll had made an effort in promoting his own channel in his chat before being banned, which led to Nick explaining that he could look back on anything that his viewers were banned for.

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“You are a fu**ing character, act right! Chat, there is a chat log, if you say some stupid s**t we can always go back and show you.”


It should serve as a warning to anyone who is seeking attention from a popular streamer, it is likely that they will still be aware of what you’re doing even amid all the spam.

NICKMERCS is not the first streamer to expose one of his viewers for lying, as popular League of Legends star Tyler1 also called out one of his viewers who had asked to be unbanned recently.