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NICKMERCS explains why he’s stopped signature YouTube intros for now

Published: 15/Oct/2021 10:44

by James Busby


Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained why he has stopped doing his YouTube intros and what his plans are for future videos. 

NICKMERCS’ loud and proud YouTube intros have been a signature aspect of the content creator’s videos for a while now. During these segments, the popular streamer would address certain problems in the game, poke fun at his peers, and provide insights into his favorite weapon loadouts

However, NICKMERCS has recently stopped doing his high-energy intros altogether, which has left his fans pondering whether they’ll return. To answer these questions, Nick recently addressed the various issues he had with his intro recordings and why he has stopped doing them. 


NICKMERCS on why he stopped doing YouTube intros

NICKMERCS doing a YouTube intro
NICKMERCS has taken a break from recording YouTube intros.

When asked why he stopped recording his YouTube intros, Nick stated that he just didn’t want to do them anymore. “It was fun for a while, but I think I just ended up getting bored of it…I just don’t want to f***ing do them.” 

The streamer noted that he’d often spend half an hour after his stream to record intros and various clips. This obviously began to eat into Nick’s busy schedule and the workload quickly began to pile up. 

“When you do eight hours on a stream a day and you’re doing like 160 hours a week, and then after the stream, you do a phone call with your agent going over sh*t. You have stuff going on on the weekdays, going over stuff with the boys, the work starts turning into all you’re f***ing doing.”  


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It’s certainly not uncommon for streamers to get burnt out, especially when they’re recording new footage and providing live entertainment every day. In fact, a number of popular streamers have been faced with this overwork issue

Despite this, Nick remains positive and believes that his friendly intros will make a return in the future. “I’m sure we’ll hop back on there soon enough…I understand that it makes the videos a lot better, but we’re just taking a little break, that’s all.”