NELK Boys pull incredible security prank on Instagram models at Coachella - Dexerto

NELK Boys pull incredible security prank on Instagram models at Coachella

Published: 23/Apr/2019 12:56

by Matt Porter


YouTube pranksters NELK Boys pulled off an amazing prank on a group of Instagram models who were attempting to attend a party at the Coachella Music Fesitival.

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Who are NELK Boys?

The NELK Boys are a YouTube channel primarily made up of founding member Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani and camera operator Jason Pagaduan.

The channel focuses on prank videos, although they have also posted mock tutorial videos in the past to great success. The group is known best for their motto “full send,” which is regularly featured as part of pranks, as a way of telling their audience that they are going all in for the video.


Full SendThe NELK Boys have a massively popular YouTube channel.
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NELK Boys prank Instagram models at Coachella

Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, with thousands of people descending on California to attend the event. Included in the masses of people are popular influencers, who flock to Coachella to meet up with other internet personalities and grow their brand thanks to the event.

With a host of Instagram models in attendance throughout the weekend, the NELK Boys headed to an exclusive party in suits, pretending to be security guards who were extremely picky about who they let in.

With a number of girls attempting to enter the party, Foregeard and Sebastiani decided it was their job to make sure they had enough followers to enter the party, requesting access to their Instagram profiles to make sure they had enough ‘clout’ to attend the bash.


Instagram: kyleforgeardThe NELK Boys were acting as security guards at a Coachella party.
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The prank went into overdrive however, when YouTube star Jake Paul turned up with a group of girls to enter the party. The NELK Boys let Paul and the rest of his male entourage through, but held the girls back, claiming there were “too many girls” in attendance already.

“Is this a joke?” asked one of the girls, as Foregeard asked them to divide into two groups – those with 500,000 followers and more, and those without. 

When the NELK Boys realized that model Chloe Othen didn’t get enough likes on their photos to meet their high standards, they demanded to see the more “relevant” members of the group, before asking to see their Instagram Insight statistics to see if they would let them in.


Ultimately, the NELK Boys revealed that the whole thing was an ellaborate prank to the now extremely frustrated ladies.

The models even received a twist as Jake Paul chimed in to say that it was the “funniest fucking shit,” as he knew the pair and had been playing along with the prank.