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Nadeshot teases new 100 Thieves merch with incredible anime mashup

Published: 16/Apr/2019 20:15 Updated: 16/Apr/2019 21:29

by Alan Bernal


anime such as Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter, while possibly teasing a new collection of merchandise.

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The 100T brand is a “gaming lifestyle company and esports organization” that has been at the forefront of streetwear and fashion since being founded in 2017.

Combining the values of the organization along with Nadeshot’s personal love for anime, the CEO released two more custom artworks showing of classic characters in new threads.

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MadebyrkAn anime design featuring Naruto and Kakashi from the last 100 Thieves concept drop.

100 Thieves teasing Spring 2019 collection?

Just like last time, the artwork gives a modern spin to the iconic characters while wearing 100 Thieves branded clothing. But this time Nadeshot could be showing off coming a future collection to come.


In his Tweet showing off the incredible artwork, Nadeshot gave a brief message, saying: May is coming.

A slight Game of Thrones reference aside, this post differs from his last image drop by showing off previously unreleased items from the 100 Thieves collection.

100 Thieves spin on popular Anime

The Hunter x Hunter cast are wearing a mix of new and old items from the 100T line. Gon can be seen with the 100T creme hoodie from the org’s 2018 Fall collection while Killua is wearing the 100T Royalty long sleeve tee shirt.

Leorio is strutting his 100T team spirit by donning the premium jersey for the org’s 2019 campaign. But all of the fans’ attention were on Kurapika as he’s seen wearing what appears to be a reveal for a brand new item.


Nadeshot TwitterThe Hunter x Hunter crossover with 100 Thieves that could be teasing new merch to come.

To get a closer look at the upcoming apparel, Nadeshot released a standalone image of young Gohan rocking a striped 100 Thieves hoodie.

The hoodie has slanted sections of the 100T color scheme, and what seems to be a red label fixed at the bottom of the sweater.

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Nadeshot TwitterThe Gohan solo portrait with a new sweater in full view.

The new design could be one of the limited styles that typically come in a 100T collection. With Spring already in full swing 100 Thieves and fashion fans alike will be eagerly awaiting the brand’s new collection presumably out in May.