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Nadeshot hilariously interrupts Dr DisRespect during green screen segment

Published: 13/Sep/2018 15:28

by Calum Patterson


Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect is known for high production value with his signature green screen segments, but his duo partner Nadeshot hilariously spoiled one such segment.

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Dr DisRespect keeps up his ‘Champions Club’ arena image with various CGI effects, from the locker room, his trophy room and even a kitted out nightclub.

After winning some games on the new Call of Duty Blackout beta, Dr DisRespect switched to the nightclub overlay, ready to brag about his victories.

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But Nadeshot didn’t have time for Doc’s entertaining, not realizing the Doc was doing one of his signature segments, instead just speaking over him about customization options in Blackout.


“I agree Nadeshot – can… can I finish here in the turtle beach lounge? Alright just take the mic then!”

And Nadeshot wasn’t finished there either, as he went on, continuing to describe the various ideas he has for customization and new features that could be added.

He even describes exactly how he wants to look in game while “running through these fields” and “popping out the corn stock”, before Dr DisRespect manages to get a word in edgeways.

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“Jumping out the helicopter, just looking like death. Striking fear in all the eyes of my opponents. Camo’s on my gun. You’re not going to like this when I say this, but I’m ready for the microtransactions.”

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Dr DisRespect and Nadeshot were having a lot of success on the Blackout beta, and with the Doc a former Call of Duty level designer and Nadeshot a former professional player, the pair had plenty of ideas for the mode.