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Nadeshot and CouRage explain Twitch’s “biggest problem” with sexual content

Published: 24/Aug/2019 15:02 Updated: 24/Aug/2019 17:50

by Daniel Cleary


100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and content creator Jack CouRage’ Dunlop highlighted some of the biggest problems Twitch faces, particularly with sexual content on the platform.

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In the latest episode of the duo’s popular podcast, CouRage and Nadeshot brought on League of Legends star, Hammoudi ‘Yassuo’ Abdalrhman as a guest, after announcing his arrival to 100 Thieves as their newest content creator.

The 100 Thieves trio discussed the state of Twitch and some of the backlash that the livestreaming platform faced, after some controversial decisions in recent months regarding “sexual content”, highlighting what they felt was the “biggest problem” with the direction the company was taking.


100 Thieves youtubeCouRage and Nadeshot brought on new addition Yassuo for their latest podcast.
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After touching on the emergence of Twitch’s Just Chatting category and what that meant for IRL streamers, Nadeshot explained where the issues lie in Twitch’s battle against sexual content on stream, “I think the biggest problem is that everyone views Twitch as a gaming platform, I don’t necessarily have an issue with some of the things people complain about.”

“If a girl wants to stream in a damn bikini, I don’t care.” Nadeshot expressed on certain viewers’ attitudes towards female streamers on the platform, “I know people get up in arms about, this is a gaming platform people are watching her because she has her boobs out. You have these people who get so upset.”


CouRage echoed a similar sentiment claiming that the female streamers who tread the lines of Twitch’s community guidelines don’t have much of an effect on his individual stream “They’re not taking an audience away from the audience that you will have when you’re playing your games.”

Topic starts at 33:46 for mobile users.

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The 100 Thieves owner then called for people to be a little more open-minded regarding the backlash Twitch has received over recent months for not penalizing streamers who have shown what some regard as “sexual content.”

“I think people need to maybe not be merit to the idea that Twitch is gaming exclusive and I don’t think it needs to be obviously that’s how they marketed it from the very beginning but obviously things change and evolve.”


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CouRage also expressed that he feels that Twitch needs to make it more clear on what their stance is on the matter, which has left many users on the livestreaming site confused on what is deemed as appropriate on the platform.