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Nadeshot addresses 2HYPE’s future at 100 Thieves amid group’s ongoing drama

Published: 5/Jan/2021 5:16 Updated: 5/Jan/2021 6:00

by Brad Norton


100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has addressed recent controversy surrounding popular YouTube collective 2HYPE as drama continues to unfold around them, and outlined their future with the organization.

Shortly after joining 100 Thieves back in Nov. 2020, the group of YouTubers has been caught amidst its biggest controversy yet. Original members of the channel have been lashing out at the current lineup for a number of days online.

An assortment of lengthy exposé videos have led to all manner of accusations, from suggestions the group’s full roster had been trimmed so that profits aren’t being spread so thin, to leaked audio of team members crafting fake narratives that mislead fans.


Most of these have come since the collective joined up with Nadeshot’s gaming and apparel brand. Now, the 100 Thieves CEO has addressed the situation in his latest Twitch stream.

“2HYPE’s tough… A lot of people have been asking me about 2HYPE,” he said at the beginning of a January 4 Twitch stream. While Nadeshot alluded to a full statement or a more intricate video coming down the line, that didn’t stop him from carefully addressing the situation in the moment. 

“I wish the best for Mopi,” he said in response to one of the bigger videos released in December. Founding member Mopi uploaded a 43-minute video to his personal channel, which has since garnered over two million views.


“I wish I knew him better,” Nadeshot continued. “I wish I could have helped him with a lot of the things he’s going through right now.”

100 Thieves
The 2HYPE crew originally started as a nine-man group.

“It’s clear that people on both sides are hurt and feel that the other side has broken their trust.” Despite the ongoing drama, however, Nadeshot made one thing clear: the current 2HYPE group will not be leaving 100 Thieves anytime soon.

“I have a ton of respect for them and I’m excited to work together,” he confirmed.

“I don’t think it’s really 100 Thieves’ place to try and interject and mediate the entire situation. It seems like this has been going on for months and months. Prior to us even talking.”


Nadeshot also mentioned that he doesn’t buy into many of the wild accusations going around. “I don’t think Mopi would go out of his way to try to tear down his friends. I don’t think the rest of the 2HYPE would go out of their way to hurt their friends.”

Regardless of how everything pans out, the timing of the drama is certainly “rough,” he admitted, but he expects the group will stay under 100 Thieves banners.