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Mya Johnson responds to Addison Rae using her TikTok dance on The Tonight Show

Published: 2/Apr/2021 14:02

by Georgina Smith


Creator of the popular TikTok dance to Cardi B’s song ‘Up,’ Mya Johnson, has responded to Addison Rae performing the dance on The Tonight Show, saying she thinks the star should get pushback for the video.

On March 27, Addison Rae appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about her new single ‘Obsessed,’ and also participated in a segment where she demonstrated some of the most popular dances on TikTok, including ‘Savage,’ ‘Corvette Corvette,’ and ‘Blinding Lights.’

However, there were calls on social media for the show to properly credit the black creators who made many of the dances that were featured in the show. The show added a list of credits in the description of the YouTube video, noting each creator’s TikTok handles, though many felt it wasn’t enough.


Speaking with TMZ on March 29, Addison said, “It’s kind of hard to credit during the show. But they all know that I love them so much. I mean, I support all of them. Hopefully, one day, we can all meet up and dance together.”

Now in an interview with Pop Sugar, one of the original creators of the popular dance for Cardi B’s ‘Up’ has given her thoughts on the backlash towards the segment.

Mya Johnson and fellow creator Chris Cotter uploaded their video showcasing the dance on February 8, and it quickly gained popularity. The video currently has around 700,000 likes and over seven million views.



new challenge ft @cchrvs 🔥🔥 #upwmyaxchris


Mya explained she was “very surprised” to see Addison using her dance on the show, adding, “it’s like, ‘Wow, I made a dance that’s made it all the way to TV. Of course, I was happy and everything.”

The star said it would have been better if they showed their names on screen, or the hashtag they created, ‘upwmyaxchris,’ rather than just crediting in the video description.

Johnson agreed that the criticism of Addison, saying “there needs to be a stop to these types of things. It shouldn’t continue like it’s been happening.”

She explained that “I feel like it is very important for us to get our credit because we are very good creators that are very overlooked in what we do,” after countless instances of black creators being overlooked when it comes to sponsorships and other opportunities.


Many TikTok users are aiming to focus the spotlight on the original creators of the most popular dances on the app.