MrBeast explains why it's impossible for him to box YouTubers despite fight offers - Dexerto

MrBeast explains why it’s impossible for him to box YouTubers despite fight offers

Published: 20/Sep/2021 16:28 Updated: 20/Sep/2021 16:33

by Connor Bennett


YouTube star Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has explained why he won’t be getting into the influencer boxing game anytime soon even if people want to see him box. 

For years now, social media stars have taken their online jabs and turned them into physical ones, strapping on boxing gloves and settling their scores in the ring.

It’s proven to be a massive success for everyone involved and even though names like the Paul brothers and KSI continue to talk about future fights, some fans want to see new faces get in the ring.

Pretty much every big YouTuber has been asked if they’re going to fight another content creator at some point now, but for Mr Beast, he has zero interest in getting involved and it’s just because he’d become a meme if he lost.


MrBeast standing in a stadium
YouTube: MrBeast
Mr Beast’s videos continue to get bigger and more outlandish.

Speaking on the Colin and Samir podcast, the YouTube sensation stated that boxing has the “perfect formula” to create massive spectacles, especially when two big names square off and he has a lot of fun watching the fights with his pals.

As for him answering someone’s call out and stepping into the ring, that’s not going to happen, even though he’s had ideas surrounding the fight game. “It’s like so much time. I’ve got so much going on, so many employees, so much that depends on this channel, I just can’t spend six months just training two/three times a day,” Jimmy said.


“I’ve had people ask me to box and I’m like bro, if I just spend the next six months training, people lose their job, and I don’t care to do that.”

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The boxing game lives on the mantra of never say never, but for Mr Beast, it appears his mind is made up and there’s no changing that.

There will be some fans who hold out hope of seeing him step into the ring, but they might just have to settle for a fun video instead.