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Mr Beast’s $100K subscriber challenge ends in surprise marriage proposal

Published: 27/Sep/2020 17:25 Updated: 30/Jan/2021 15:13

by Georgina Smith


Mr Beast is at it again – the hugely popular YouTuber giving out large sums of money and a host of expensive items in his most recent video. But as always, he throws in a catch to raise the stakes.

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has firmly cemented his place as among the most entertaining philanthropists on YouTube. At only 22 years old he boasts a huge and dedicated subscriber base of almost 44 million.

As his channel grew he was able to facilitate even more colossal prizes, recently going as far as to purchase a $700,000 island that he had friends and fans compete to win. His crazy ideas combined with his kindness have made him a smash hit on the video-sharing platform.


In August he did a similar video where he gave fans ultimatums between high-value items, with one subscriber even having to choose between a Lamborghini and a new house. He also put his subscribers to different challenges, one including opening a safe to obtain their diamond and cash reward.

Mr Beast with briefcase of cash
Instagram: Mr Beast
Mr Beast has made no secret of his growing wealth, but gifts it generously.

This time Jimmy set out to challenge and reward his loyal subscribers all over again, but turned up the notch even higher. He kicked off the video with a bang by asking somebody whether they would rather have a $38,000 dollar diamond or a cheque with an unknown amount of money.

The fan took the diamond to be safe, only to find out that he’d missed out on a further $62,000. Still, he was delighted with the ring as $38,000 is certainly not something to scoff at.


From then on, every challenge Jimmy threw at the participants was varying levels of insane. People were hacking at ice with a pickaxe, stacking solo cups on the ground, and guessing how many jellybeans there are in a jar with one million dollars at stake (naturally a near-impossible task.)

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In a super sweet turn of events, Jimmy challenged one couple to get the same answers to three questions about their love life correct with a sizey prize pool at stake. The final question was “will you marry me?” and the pair left newly engaged and $15,000 richer.

The best thing about Mr Beasts’s content is knowing that the next huge act of generosity will be right around the corner, so subscribers will be waiting in hope that next time they’ll have a shot at winning something.