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Mr Beast gives away thousands in “impossible” Minecraft challenge

Published: 19/Sep/2020 11:27 Updated: 30/Jan/2021 15:13

by Georgina Smith


Hugely popular YouTuber MrBeast has given a fan $10,000 in a video where he challenged his friends and viewers to complete a practically impossible Minecraft parkour course.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has been causing chaos over on his gaming channel recently, using the limitless possibilities of the gaming world to put people up to wild challenges to either win a fantastic, and often very high-value prize, or avoid an embarrassing punishment.

In a recent Minecraft episode, Jimmy put 100 of his friends and fans up to a battle royale challenge, where he constructed 100 mini sky islands with limited resources and made people battle to the death by building bridges to each other’s bases.


The challenge was chaotic and lava-filled, but the player who endured the challenge to the end won the $10,000 dollar Taco Bell gift card (despite never having been to Taco Bell.)

Mr Beast money stocking
Mr Beast, Instagram
Mr Beast is known for giving away huge amounts of cash through over-the-top social experiments, such as his “free bank” and “last to leave” challenges.

This time around the YouTuber took his Minecraft chaos to a new level, and utilized what he described as “the hardest Minecraft parkour map in existence.”

He waited till the game had begun to tell his viewers that the first person to complete the crazy map would win a whopping $10,000 dollars, sparking a renewed sense of motivation.

As the players hopped across one-cube blocks hovering over a pit of lava, Mr Beasts’s friends tried to both meddle and “help” players by adding and removing blocks from creative mode, making the challenge even more impossible than before.


Each round got progressively harder with the blocks getting further and further away, and Jimmy and his team made it even more difficult by giving the illusion that there would be a simple bridge to cross, before blowing it up once people were walking on it.

The final course was “insanely hard,” with huge sky pillars you can only land on if you aim for the minuscule blocks of windows, and ladders that are stuck to the edges.

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Several people attempted the last level unsuccessfully, which led to Jimmy calling gaming YouTuber Technoblade to see if he could complete it, and the ridiculously hard obstacle course was even too difficult for him.


Eventually, player Kundvagn landed on the final platform and was declared the winner of the almost impossible parkour course, and the $10,000 prize.