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How play MrBeast’s Finger on the App 2 $100,000 competition

Published: 19/Mar/2021 16:02

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and viral internet philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is bringing back his viral ‘Finger on the App’ challenge — and this time, the prize is much bigger than before. Here’s how to take part.

MrBeast has become one of the internet’s most popular figures over the past few years, largely in part due to his huge (and often incredibly expensive) projects that answer our most pressing questions: What happens if you microwave a microwave, after all?

From advertising PewDiePie’s channel at the Super Bowl to opening a free car dealership for people in need, MrBeast has gone above and beyond for his 48 million subscribers — and he’s doing it again by bringing back one of his most popular challenges.


What is the ‘Finger on the App’ challenge?

Earlier this year, MrBeast created an application that challenged users with keeping their finger on their phone for as long as possible — at least, longer than other competitors, with the grand prize being $25,000.

MrBeast Walmart
MrBeast is known for his generosity.

After three days, he ended the competition early by giving all four remaining participants $20,000 each.

Now, MrBeast is bringing back the challenge and upping the stakes even more, increasing the prize to a jaw-dropping $100,000.

How to play the ‘Finger on the App’ challenge

MrBeast’s ‘Finger on the App 2’ application is now available for download on iOS and Android devices in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The challenge doesn’t begin until March 20, but players can download it now and compete in the battle mode against people online. It’s a great way to practice for the main event, and you can also earn ‘extra lives’ for the challenge.


In a similar fashion to MrBeast’s first ‘Finger on the App’ challenge, this program tasks players with continuously moving their finger on a grid to avoid any potential cheating.

Mr Beast finger on the app II practice mode
Mr Beast / Variety / Finger on the App II
MrBeast’s ‘Finger on the App II’ now features a unique practice mode that allows players to compete against each other in obstacle courses to gain extra lives.

That’s not all; there’s even a ‘battle mode’ in this new version, which pits players against each other to avoid any obstacles that pop up in the grid. While this mode only lasts before the actual competition, it does allow participants to rack up lives ahead of time, if they perform well.

When does the Finger on the App challenge start?

As previously mentioned, MrBeast’s second ‘Finger on the App’ challenge takes place on Saturday, March 20.


A countdown to the start of the game can be accessed via the Beast Games website.

While the YouTuber ended up cutting the competition early last time, there’s no telling how players will fare this go around — so head to the App Store and practice your scrolling if you want to get in on the action!