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Minecraft YouTuber Fundy responds to backlash over ‘offensive’ Jackbox jokes

Published: 22/Feb/2021 12:05

by Connor Bennett


Minecraft YouTuber Fundy has apologized for his ‘offensive’ jokes from a game of Jackbox where he played alongside KSI, James Charles, Quackity, and others.

Just like Cards against Humanity, Jackbox games have players pulling out outrageous answers to win points and minigames against friends and other creators. 

It’s become a popular game with streamers and YouTubers, but during a star-studded February 20, a number of creators – including KSI and Fundy – came under fire for jokes that some fans labeled as offensive and demanded he issue an apology for.

While he brushed off the cries at the time, joking that some of the tweets “hurt his feelings,” Fundy responded with an apology during a short stream afterward. 


Quiplash start screen in Jackbox
Jackbox minigames like Quiplash reward players for making crass jokes.

The Minecraft YouTuber hopped on Twitch for 20 minutes to address what had happened, noting that he didn’t want to hide away for a few days, but rather tackle his “f**ked up” jokes head-on. 

“I just want to own up to it, that’s all I want to do. I don’t want to sugarcoat it, I don’t want to talk around it,  I don’t want to stay quiet about it – I just want to say, what I said was shit,” the Minecrafter said. “What I said was horrible, it was not good. That’s simply it, and I apologize for that.”


In case anyone had missed them at the time, Fundy showed off his joke, admitting that he was wrong to take jibes at sexual assault and that he never meant to hurt anyone with the jokes. 

Plenty of his viewers accepted the Minecraft stars apology, while others questioned as to why he was apologizing, seeing as plenty of other similar jokes are made by other creators. 

Ultimately, you won’t please everyone, and some viewers will never come back around after the initial outrage, but at least the YouTuber attempted to mend some fences with a lengthy and heartfelt apology.