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Malena hits out at Twitch viewers constantly criticizing streamers with “hate trains”

Published: 16/Aug/2021 10:55

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer malena has taken to Twitter to demand that viewers stop holding streamers to such high standards and starting “hate trains” over nothing.

While being a popular streamer on Twitch can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative, there are definitely downsides to having thousands of people watching you every single day.

For one, there’s very little room for error and if any mistakes are made, it’s likely a community will jump on the drama and begin spreading it around.

Unfortunately, this can frustrate a lot of personalities and leave them feeling hopeless, especially if they feel like they’re being held to too high of a standard.


Well, that’s exactly what Twitch streamer malena wanted to express when she took to Twitter to voice her frustration over viewers “nitpicking” to cause drama.

Malena Twitch viewers
Twitch: Malena
Malena has over 140,000 followers on Twitch.

Malena wants viewers to stop “nitpicking” to cause drama

On August 15, Twitch personality malena took to Twitter to ask her viewers to stop expecting streamers to set the standard for society. According to her, it’s not their job to do so, and they’re normal people that make small mistakes as well.

Although this tweet seemingly came out of the blue, it appears to have been built up by viewers who were continuously nitpicking and making clips to cause drama.

It’s obvious malena is bored of defending herself over minor nitpicks and corrections pointed out by her audience and the overall Twitch community.


“STOP expecting streamers to set a standard for how society is supposed to be,” she wrote. “It’s been so much nitpicking, correcting, and hate trains lately.”

While it’s clear malena isn’t just referring to her experiences with this statement, it’s a reminder of the pressure that having a large audience can have on somebody, especially when their expectations are so high.

Rather than focusing on the drama, it’s obvious malena wants the Twitch community to focus on the positives of streaming, and let go any minor mistakes that personalities make on the platform.