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Ludwig hilariously tricked by classic Twitch donation joke

Published: 15/Aug/2021 16:22

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren was left completely speechless when a donation came through that tricked him with a hilarious punchline.

Jump King has been making the rounds amongst Twitch’s biggest streamers as a rage-inducing platformer where the object that requires incredible amounts of patience and mastery.

On August 11, xQc made headlines with a moment of rage when his stream session Jump King ended in disaster.

Twitch streamer Ludwig was streaming Jump King on August 14, and his stream also had a hilarious moment, only it was not caused by the game, but by a viewer donation.

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Twitter, @LudwigAhgren / Twitch
Ludwig recently reached over 2.8 million followers on Twitch.

Ludwig got duped

A donator to Ludwig’s stream included the message: “Hey Lud, any plans on doing another stream where you race those sphere things down stuff? Can’t remember what it’s called.”


Being as helpful as ever, Ludwig responded completely sincerely, staying: “Marbles? It’s Marbles. Yeah, absolutely. I don’t like doing Marbles too often, it gets a little stale.”

After a brief moment though, the hammer was dropped as the donator completed their joke and the text-to-speech voice read:  “Mar-balls in your mouth.”

The streamer was left speechless after being walked directly into the punchline of the classic joke. The donator was referring to the streams Ludwig has done where he has marbles race each other to the finish line, each with a command Ludwig has to do which are written by viewers. These range from shaving racing stipes into his head, to paying his Twitch moderators.


For the sake of future donations, Ludwig should be careful about saying the word “marbles”, as it again could end in disaster.