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Lovely Peaches sparks outrage after uploading disturbing animal abuse videos

Published: 21/Jan/2021 19:54

by Virginia Glaze


A controversial internet personality going by the name ‘Lovely Peaches’ has sparked outrage online after returning to social media with incredibly disturbing videos that show herself abusing her dog.

Lovely Peaches, real name Brittany Johnson, is a divisive influencer with a vast history of scandals and controversy behind her — and not without warrant.

Peaches most notably drew outrage from fans of 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio last year after openly threatening to hire a man to sexually assault the TikTok star.

Peaches continued the threats by appearing to post photos taken outside her home and even claimed to have hired one of Charli’s own security guards to carry out the deed.



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She was later banned from TikTok and Instagram in wake of this and other offenses — but it seems she has made a comeback to social media months later, this time uploading incredibly disturbing videos.

[Content warning: The rest of this article contains descriptions of disturbing events. Reader discretion is advised.]

Recent TikToks that Peaches uploaded include one particular video that shows the influencer abusing her dog. In the video, Peaches chokes, throws, and even sprays perfume in her dog’s eyes.

Seeming to be aware of what she’s doing, Peaches wrote via Facebook: “If this one dies too, I’ll eat it on live for you guys.”


Lovely Peaches threatens to eat her dog if it passes away.

Possibly the most disturbing thing about her resurgence online is the following she’s managed to accrue. Her TikTok account now boasts over 603,000 followers, and her Facebook page has garnered over 3,000 likes.

Lovely Peaches TikTok account boasts over 600k followers

Needless to say, Peaches’ abhorrent uploads have led concerned bystanders to call authorities, with many commenters claiming to have gotten in contact with local law enforcement and animal control groups.

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One commenter claimed that the pup has been taken from Peaches by Animal Control, while others allege that the influencer is moving “from hotel to hotel” in Gwinett County, Georgia.

Thanks to the efforts of these users, it looks like Peaches won’t get away with abusing her dog — although, at the time of writing, her TikTok account remains online.


Commenters continue to plead with Peaches to stop abusing her pet as we wait for more information to be revealed. Stay tuned to Dexerto for more on this developing story.