Logan Paul & Tim Dillon amazed with Joe Rogan for handling ‘pressure’ of JRE podcast - Dexerto

Logan Paul & Tim Dillon amazed with Joe Rogan for handling ‘pressure’ of JRE podcast

Published: 9/Feb/2021 20:46 Updated: 11/Feb/2021 17:55

by Alan Bernal


‘ImPaulsive’ host Logan Paul and comedian Tim Dillon recognized how social ‘pressure’ typically builds towards Joe Rogan for his massively popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience

The social ‘pressure’ that builds before, or shortly after, a Joe Rogan Experience episode isn’t lost on ‘ImPaulsive’ host Logan Paul and comedian Tim Dillon. The two were impressed with how JR faces that on a daily basis.

Joe Rogan tends to be a talking point that incites strong opinions, Dillon said. “I’m gonna drop dead on his advice, I love him to death, but –”

Paul didn’t quite want to agree, instead giving Rogan props for holding things that he really stands for and seeing them through to the end, right or wrong. “There’s something about conviction, even if you know that someone is so wrong where you can respect their belief in what they’re saying.”


As light-hearted banter goes, the two roasted the popular show host for some of the more questionable things he’s been heard saying or for lending his large platform to divisive people at times.

Still, Rogan’s drive to open discussions to every form of thought, expression, or otherwise is something that the two admired. And millions of views pour in per episode, especially when cropped segments start to trend like wildfire.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has built one of the largest following across its 1,775 episodes of its multiple series, including “the regular JRE podcasts, JRE MMA Shows, Fight Companions, Fight Recaps/Breakdowns, Podcasts on a Plane/In a Car/In Paradise/In a Hotel Room, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, etc.,” per the JRE Library’s count.


joe rogan experience Spotify YouTubeLogan and Tim were impressed with JRE’s success while holding to its conviction.

“I don’t know how he does it, and for so long,” Paul said.

Dillon quickly added, “It’s tough. He listens. He really listens, and he’s interested. He cares about stuff, he’s curious.”

Spotify paid upwards of a million plus for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and debuted exclusively on the platform starting September 2020.