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Logan Paul suffers injury and comes dead last in Challenger Games race

Published: 28/Jul/2019 13:43 Updated: 28/Jul/2019 14:06

by Connor Bennett


Logan Paul’s Challenger Games event didn’t exactly go to plan for the YouTuber as he succumbed to an injury and failed to live up to his pre-event promise of victory.

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The Challenger Games, a charity event announced by Logan Paul in June, was designed to showcase some of the most athletic YouTubers around – with the Paul brothers at the top of the bill.

Both, but especially Logan with a huge cash bet, put their necks on the line with claims that they would dominate in their respective track-based disciplines – despite entering with injuries. However, before being able to make good on his promise of victory, Logan fell to another devastating problem that landed him with a last-place finish. 


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Jake Paul - InstagramThe Paul brothers were at the forefront of the Challenger Games showcase.

After getting things underway on July 27, Logan lined up to take his place on the starting blocks – despite clearly showing some issues with his hamstring.

Despite the issue, he seemed determined to take on his fellow YouTubers. However, immediately after the starting gun was fired, the Paul fell by the wayside with injury and needed the help of Yousef ‘FouseyTube’ Erakat to reach the finish line. 

Timestamp for mobile viewers of 1:12:00

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The popular YouTuber had some time to recover before taking in his second event of the evening – the 4×100 meter relay alongside his brother and their teammates.

However, he fell to a further injury there as Jake passed on the Baton for the final stretch of the race. As the camera panned to show the winner crossing the line, Logan could be spotted just off to the left-hand side hobbling towards the finish line. 


Timestamp for mobile viewers of 2:33:00

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Despite the injury, Logan took time out from his post-event recovery to thank everybody for showing up, supporting a worthy cause and even revealed that he’s already looking forward to next year’s event. 

“Yo. what a fkn AMAZING event. I’m exhausted and incredibly happy (even though I pulled my hamstring and failed immensely) We raised a bunch of money for the Special Olympics,” he tweeted. “Thanks to all athletes, sponsors, donors, spectators; I can’t wait for #TheChallengerGames 2020.”

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Considering the Paul brothers were at the center of the action, and the whole event was littered with cameramen, it shouldn’t be too long before we get to see a vlog or an episode of Logan and Jake that explains everything.