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Logan Paul roasted by Jake Paul for crazy Fox Business TV appearance

Published: 23/Jul/2019 13:14 Updated: 23/Jul/2019 14:22

by Calum Patterson


YouTube brother duo Jake and Logan Paul have had their very public ups-and-downs in the past, and although all seems to be well now, younger brother Jake didn’t have many nice things to say about Logan’s somewhat-bizarre appearance on TV.

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The older of the two brothers was invited on to Fox Business on July 22, to discuss his rise to fame, his YouTube empire (and its demise), as well as his many controversies.

In the course of the interview, Logan made some interesting claims to say the least, even suggesting he would bet $100,000 that he is the fastest man on the planet, among other braggadocios statements.


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Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTubeLogan Pau’s got his start on Vine, before becoming a popular YouTube vlogger.

In truth, it didn’t seem as though Logan was taking his interview all that seriously, but for many it was embarrassing to watch all the same, and sprouted many internet memes immediately after airing.

His own brother Jake, never one to miss out on a viral topic, weighed in, simply stating “damn… imagine being this guy’s brother.”

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Much like Logan’s interview, Jake is probably only speaking in jest, rather than striking up any serious ‘beef’ with his brother, although the pair have had their differences in the past (some of which potentially fabricated for the sake of YouTube entertainment).


Since reconciling, they have even started their own joint channel, entitled Jake n Logan, where they discuss the week’s trending topics and stories.

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During his appearance on Fox Business, Logan claimed that his YouTuber career is “going downhill”, calling it the “beginning of the end.”

He still pulls millions of views per video, but the rate of his uploads has slowed signifcantly, now uploading longer and professionally scripted and edited videos.

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In an attempt to backup his claims that he is, at least, the fastest YouTuber on the planet, he has put up a $100,000 challenge for any other creators to win a race against him.


His shift away from daily vlogs is likely contributing to his loss in profitability as a YouTuber, but his popularity certainly hasn’t taken a hit overall.