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Logan Paul reunites lost pink-haired puppy with its owner in Puerto Rico

Published: 21/May/2021 11:27

by Alice Hearing


Logan Paul has taken a little break out of his boxing training to reunite a puppy with its owner. And it’s not just any puppy — it’s a shocking shade of bright pink.

Logan moved out to Dorado, Puerto Rico in April 2021 and has since got himself into a little bit of trouble with Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources after he and Jake drove golf carts across a beach during sea turtle nesting season.

However, after potentially endangering one kind of animal, Logan may have somewhat redeemed himself by actually saving another.

Logan Paul private jet
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Logan Paul recently moved his base of operations from California to Dorado, Puerto Rico.

On May 18 Logan Paul shared online that he’d found an adorable and completely pink-haired dog while out in Puerto Rico and tried to find the owner online, but not before having a cute photoshoot.


“I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but if you’re in Puerto Rico and you’re missing a dog there’s a chance I have it,” Logan said in a short video. “He’s pretty identifiable, you probably dyed him pink. He was wandering around outside, he’s lost, he’s lonely. I will adopt him as my own if you don’t claim him.”

He also posted on Twitter to see if anyone would claim ownership, “This dog was wandering around outside… lonely, scared, and pink. still not sure if I’m seeing things or if maybe this is just a ball of cotton candy but if you lost a pink poodle hit me up. And stop dying your dog pink.”


Just one day later, it appears that the pup’s owner, 23-year-old Natalia Figueroa, was found and they were reunited. Natalia thanked Logan on Twitter and posted her own cute puppy pictures: “Hey, @LoganPaul, all good here. Thanks for finding her. ps: you’re not seeing things, she’s definitely a walking ball of cotton candy.”

Hopefully, the adorable pink ball of fluff won’t go missing again, and if anything, she’ll be easy to spot.