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Logan Paul Responds to Hate About KSI Fight, Racism Accusations and More in Mean Tweets Video

Published: 17/Jul/2018 16:40 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:41

by Calum Patterson


Logan Paul is one of (if not the most) controversial YouTubers currently, receiving support and hate in equal measure, and for once decided to give voice to some of his detractors by responding to hate filled messages.

Always a love him or hate him character, Logan received widespread backlash from the internet and media at large at the start of 2018 when he uploaded a video from Japan’s infamouse ‘suicide forest’, and included footage showing the corpse of a suicide victim.

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Since then, he has made serious attempts to apologize, better his image and reputation, and continues to be one of the most well known internet celebrities – but there are many who very unforgiving.


Like his brother Jake Paul – an equally popular name – Logan rarely acknowledges the daily hate he undoubtedly receives in droves, but recently decided to record a ‘mean tweets’ video.

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Picking out a selection of tweets that attack him for being stupid, his boxing fight coming up against KSI, and even a suggestion of being racist, Logan attempted to give a rebuttal.

On his fight against KSI, one tweet hoped that Londoner would make amends for England failing to win the World Cup by beating his American rival, and another hoping he would ‘obliterate Logan’s eye socket’.


Logan seemed unmoved by these and the majority of other comments, but did give over serious time to one user who suggested he was ‘racist trash’.

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He even rallied his millions of subscribers (a.k.a the ‘Logang’) to go “show him a little love”. Although whatever his intentions it sounded more sarcastic, hinting perhaps that some reciprocal hate should be sent back from his fans – emblazoning the user’s Twitter handle on the screen.

A number of users did indeed send the individuals messages – some sending ‘love’, others, less so.

Logan then closed the video by saying he would be donating $500 for each Tweet he read to anti-bullying charity ‘Stomp Out Bullying’, in addition to any ad-revenue from the video.


You can watch the full video from Logan Paul below.