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Logan Paul calls out Shane Dawson for ‘Sociopath’ video in Jake Paul docuseries

Published: 30/Sep/2018 18:15

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Logan Paul created a video criticizing Shane Dawson’s newest episode in a docuseries covering social media star Jake Paul.

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The video, titled ‘The Dark Side of Jake Paul,’ entertains the idea that Jake could be a sociopath – among many other YouTubers and celebrities.

Logan took issue with this idea, feeling as though Dawson were painting Jake with a wide brush and confusing the terms ‘sociopath’ with ‘psychopath.’

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He noted that, while the words sound similar, they reference entirely different mental disorders, and cited his own past controversies as having led him to research their differences.


“It is not black and white,” he stated. “99% of the time someone is not [either] a sociopath or not a sociopath.”

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He preferred the term ‘sociopathic tendencies’ over the label of ‘sociopath,’ and held that many YouTubers could possess said tendencies due to the nature of their industry.

“A lot of us – me included – will do some stuff that lacks empathy strictly for views,” he admitted. “It gets us views, which gets us subscribers. Our motivating factor is to reach the next level.”

He continually referenced Dawon’s ‘young and impressionable’ audience, and feared that Dawson’s dramatic and fearful use of the term ‘sociopath’ could lead to unfair stigma around those who actually possess sociopathic traits.


Paul’s criticisms echo that of many other fans and internet personalities. While he held fast to his opinions, Logan likewise expressed a deep respect for Dawson, and stated that he would even send the YouTuber some of his merchandise near the end of his video response.

The third episode of the Jake Paul docuseries, ‘Understanding the Family,’ is set to release on Monday, October 1.