LiveXLive announces "all female" influencer boxing event with Jordyn Jones, Isabelle Avila & more - Dexerto

LiveXLive announces “all female” influencer boxing event with Jordyn Jones, Isabelle Avila & more

Published: 25/Jun/2021 23:03

by Virginia Glaze


LiveXLive has officially announced an “all female” influencer boxing event in wake of the YouTubers vs TikTokers card earlier this month — but it’s drawing mixed responses.

The boxing bug has officially taken hold of social media. Thanks to names like Logan Paul, Jake Paul and KSI, a slew of high-profile internet stars are itching to throw down in the boxing ring.

After the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event on June 12, several female influencers on TikTok uploaded videos expressing a desire to start boxing… and one of them already had an opponent in mind.

This prompted someone to create a fake poster for an all-female fight card, which quickly began making the rounds online — and now, it looks like one organization has decided to make it a reality.


On June 25, streaming platform LiveXLive revealed its plans for an all-female boxing event dubbed “Self Made KO,” which is slated to take place in Fall 2021. It will feature influencers Jordyn Jones, Isabelle Avila, Demi Bagby, and Salah Brooks, all multi-faceted content creators with millions of followers each.

The event will also feature some male personalities, although it’s unclear what their role in the production will be. TikTokers Mattie Westbrouk and VasHalastaras are set to make an appearance, drawing some confusion from commenters.


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In their announcement posts, LiveXLive asked users to suggest who they’d like to see on the card, and so far, fans aren’t holding back from their own ideas… but others are a bit befuddled about the initial lineup.


Many comments have admitted that they don’t know who the current influencers are, while others claim that “no one asked for this.”

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Commenters were a bit confused at the current lineup for the “all female” boxing card.

That being said, there’s certainly some hype for names like Cynthia Parker and Mads Lewis, who both claimed they’d be down to box. For now, all fans can do is watch and wait to see if their favorite female TikTokers will get a chance to settle their grudges with gloves on.