Limmy slams "hypocrites" on Twitch hot tub and ASMR meta: "It's called banter" - Dexerto

Limmy slams “hypocrites” on Twitch hot tub and ASMR meta: “It’s called banter”

Published: 20/Jun/2021 16:25

by Joe Craven


Scottish Twitch streamer Brian ‘Limmy’ Limond has weighed in on the Twitch ‘hot tub’ and ASMR drama, describing some of the content as “banter” and criticizing fellow streamers for “selective outrage”. 

Previously a stand-up comedian and TV star, Limmy turned to Twitch full-time in order to facilitate his comedy career, but also improve his wellbeing and mental health.

He has now been on Twitch for some time and, has become sporadically involved in the community at large. Currently, the topic dominating the community is the hot tub and ASMR “metas”, which some argue are used to manipulate Twitch’s guidelines on sexual content.


Amouranth and Indiefoxx were banned for their ASMR streams – which mainly involved lying in yoga pants and licking microphones. Some members of the Twitch community have shared concerns about ad revenue on the site and, with the discussion in full flow, Limmy has now weighed in.

Amouranth ASMR Meta Twitch
Twitch / Amouranth
While Twitch has taken action against some creators for their ASMR content, many believe it’s too little, too late.

In a June 20 Twitter thread, the Scot criticized those behind the outrage, describing their condemnation of the recent metas as “selective outrage”.

“Selective outrage,” he said. “That’s what this Twitch hot tub thing is, in a nutshell. Hotshot streamers in the Recommended panel, regularly hitting out with “r*tard”, “f**king b*tch”, etc. And their chat is a cesspit. But a woman in a bikini? Who will think of the children?!”


He pinpointed streamers who have complained about the hot tub and ASMR metas, only to have profanity on their own profiles and timelines.

“‘But Limmy, Twitch is 13+’,” he continued. “Oh f**king shut up you disingenuous c**t. You telling me you’ve cared before this point? The stuff that is said by streamers and their chat, have you checked? Have you tweeted about it? Have you f**k.”

He finished his thread by suggesting that, no matter what guidelines and age recommendations Twitch puts in place, he doubts it will ever be a site that is entirely suitable for young people. He described it as “too much of a free for all” where “anything could happen, the streamer could say or do anything, and then there’s the chat.”


“Last thing I want to say,” he finished. “Some people are mentioning a female streamer wearing sexy clothing and farting into mic, as an example of indecency. Wrong. It’s called banter…I can respect the opinions of genuinely puritanical people, regardless of how much I might disagree. But I’m on about the hypocrites, with inconsistent concerns regarding indecency. And I’m suspicious of why that is.”

In short, Limmy feels that those complaining about the hot tub and ASMR metas are being disingenuous given the other issues Twitch has in terms of ensuring all its content adheres to its guidelines.


It’s a tricky spot for Twitch to occupy, but the streaming platform has forged a reputation of sometimes being inconsistent with bans, guideline breaches and matters of this nature. However, with the ASMR meta, they took action quickly.