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Lilypichu hits back at claims “simps” are only reason female Twitch stars get views

Published: 9/Jul/2021 7:04 Updated: 9/Jul/2021 8:37

by Isaac McIntyre


Popular Twitch streamer Lily “Lilypichu” Ki has gone on the offensive over claims the platform’s biggest female Twitch creators like Pokimane and Amouranth are only famous because “simps” like watching their content and videos.

On July 4, the month’s Twitch streaming stats were released. Among them were viewing numbers for the platform’s leading female content creators.

The top stars included Pokimane, Jinny, LuluLuvely, and more. Topping the charts was controversial streamer Amouranth, who has dominated headlines over the past few months for her role in the hot tub and ASMR metas. She boasted a whopping 987k hours watched, 507k more than the next closest, Pokimane.


It’s an impressive viewing haul, for any creator.

Some Twitch fans, however, claimed there was one reason for their popularity: “simps” tuning in to watch women stream. Some even suggested the platform’s top stars ⁠wouldn’t be where they are today without that alleged boost.

Lilypichu strongly disagrees ⁠— the OfflineTV star went on the offensive soon after several of these claims were made, dubbing them “totally wrong.”

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Instagram: lilypichu
Lilypichu hit out at a series of Twitch “simp” claims on Twitter on July 8.

The biggest claims from several Twitch fans was that the platform’s headlining stars like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Ibai Llanos, and Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek had “earned” their place at the top of the website, while women had been lifted beyond their deserved stardom by dedicated followers ⁠— “simps” ⁠— and simply “aren’t entertaining enough” otherwise.


“That’s just not true,” Lilypichu said in response on July 8.

She continued: “There are plenty of entertaining women on Twitch, it’s just easier for people to believe the “simp” narrative.

“What’s your definition of simp? Someone who’s a super fan, right? Who is maybe obsessive? Donates? What makes you think top male streamers don’t have that? That description can easily fit both genders… I have a problem with the fact people overuse the word to generalize a girl’s audience.

“The percentage of women streamers who do what you think they do is a lot lower than you think, why would you generalize all women streamers?”


Tiwtch: Lilypichu
Ki currently boasts nearly 2.2m followers, and clocked up 230.8k viewing hours in June.

“You said almost all the [other female streamers] get most of their viewers from these ‘simps,’ so who is almost all the others?” the Offline star continued, before rattling off a lengthy list of Twitch stars she believes have fully earned their place at the top.

Lilypichu’s list included streamers like Pokimane, saddummy, Jinnytty, itsHafu, Annie Fuchsia, pqueen, and more. Then she heaped praise on Amouranth too, who has come under fire recently for her unashamed efforts to turn Twitch viewers into profits; something the controversial star happily admitted recently.

“If I were that hot,” Lilypichu then added, “maybe I’d do the same. No need to bring anyone down, there’s more than enough negativity in the world as is!”