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Lilypichu responds after stranger accidentally hijacks Twitch channel

Published: 5/Jun/2020 8:32

by Brad Norton


Popular content creator Lily ‘Lilypichu’ Ki has issued a response after having her Twitch stream completely taken over by a stranger on the internet.

While Lilypichu has amassed over a million followers in her time streaming on Twitch, the popular personality hasn’t quite steered clear of security breaches on the platform.

Leaking private information is one common mistake, but having a complete stranger overrun a Twitch stream is a whole different beast. Here’s how the casual June 4 broadcast played out.

Twitter: Lilypichu
Lilypichu was just as surprised as her viewers to learn that her Twitch channel was live.

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How was Lilypichu’s stream hijacked?

A stream key is a unique code exclusive to each and every streamer on Twitch, Mixer, and other platforms. Sharing this critical information will give others complete access to your broadcast. This is exactly what happened to Lilypichu, the only difference being that her stream key was never made public.


Seemingly out of nowhere, her Twitch stream was taken over by a random individual playing Civilization VI. Somehow, they had gotten a hold of her stream key through pure chance. The bearded fellow now appearing live in front of thousands also seemed completely oblivious to what was happening.

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Fellow OfflineTV member Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan, quickly discovered the short-lived takeover. “Someone took her stream key and he doesn’t even realize it, he’s just live on her account,” he explained.

After a few short minutes of civilized entertainment, her account was back in control and the stranger was gone. The internet celebrity later took to Twitter, giving her take on the random-chance event. 


“Hello, I believe everything is fine now,” she said. I don’t know how he got my stream key but I reset everything. Dude was just vibing and watching Airbender. He’s got good taste.”

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Not too long after Lilypichu was back streaming Minecraft as though nothing had even happened. “I didn’t feel like playing Civ 6 anymore,” she joked when turning the stream back on.

With her stream key reset, it’s likely this won’t happen again anytime soon. Perhaps the stranger will never even know that he was broadcasting to thousands of viewers on this random occasion.