Lilypichu drops thousands with Pokimane-like random gift spree for fans – Dexerto

Lilypichu drops thousands with Pokimane-like random gift spree for fans

Published: 4/Jan/2021 13:07

by Alice Hearing


Popular content creator Lily ‘Lilypichu’ Ki has taken influence from Pokimane and bought dozens of presents from her fans’ Amazon wishlists in an effort to spread “more positivity in the New Year.”

Just before Christmas, Streamer Pokimane decided to spread “a little Christmas cheer” by giving out presents to her Twitter fans, including furniture, school supplies, and clothes. Poki’s tweet garnered more than 30,000 responses.

Pokimane admitted the Christmas giving made her “feel like Oprah.” However, she had to ask fans to stop asking for dildos ⁠— a reference to her last Christmas stream, where she unwrapped a similar present.

“So happy to be giving people stuff they need,” she wrote on her second Twitter account. “Take all my money, you kind souls… you’ll get a couch for your move! You get a notebook for school!! You get clothes for your newborn!”

Lily Pichu Twitch Streamer
Instagram: Lily Pichu
Lily asked for positivity in the New Year

But the gift-giving doesn’t stop at Christmas, On Monday, January 4, fellow streamer Lily Pichu tweeted that she was taking a page out of Pokimane’s book.

She said that she wanted “more positivity in the new year” so she would also be buying gifts for her fans from their Amazon wishlists, asking people to tweet her their links, flagging that any potential wishlists need to have third-party shipping turned “on.” She also added that she will like the tweets of those people she has bought for.

Lily later updated saying that she had bought several, before adding that she hopes to do the same again: “I will try to do this some other time as well, stay comfy, be kind.”

The streamer’s fans were hugely thankful for her kind gesture, with one person saying “I just cried a little when I got the notification that you liked this.. thank you.”

At the time of writing Lily’s tweet has more than 3,000 responses and 18,000 likes. Those who would like a gift in the new year will have more luck asking Lily than Pokimane, although she has put the gift-giving on pause for now after getting so many replies.