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Lil Yachty responds to Bryce Hall amid Addison Rae verse beef

Published: 4/Dec/2020 22:19

by Virginia Glaze


Rapper and FaZe Clan member Lil Yachty has somehow stirred up beef with TikTok star Bryce Hall after mentioning Hall’s girlfriend, influencer Addison Rae, in a song.

In possibly the most unexpected moment of 2020, it seems that one of TikTok’s biggest names has called out a major rapper, resulting in a Twitter feud that has everyone’s eyes glued to their smartphone screens.

Lil Yachty — who notably joined esports group FaZe Clan in 2018 — mentioned TikToker Addison Rae in his song E-ER, the lyrics for which many of Rae’s fans are finding offensive.

“I want Addison Rae to become my doctor and check on my problems / Put her in a skirt and a scarf like pilot / He didn’t make it past the first clip like a polyp,” the song goes.


(Lyrics start at 2:06)

While fans slammed the song for “sexualizing young girls,” it seems that Lil Yachty took the scandal to an entirely different level by making sure Rae’s boyfriend, Bryce Hall, heard the lyrics for himself.

In fact, Yachty replied to Hall’s tweet asking fans what song he should listen to with his lyrics mentioning Addison from E-ER. Yikes!

It looks like Hall isn’t super enthused by a rapper talking about his girl, though, replying to Yachty’s tweet with a photo of himself and Addison getting cozy.

“Lol **** I don’t want yo b**ch boy,” Yachty responded.


That’s not all; the rapper even posted a video discussing the issue, where he humorously explained that he doesn’t actually want any beef with the TikToker.

“Look, yo, bro, please don’t shoot me with your TikTok gunner,” he joked. “We don’t want no TikTok smoke with your TikTok girlfriend. I’m just a TikTok rapper, bro, and I made a TikTok song with a TikTok verse.”

@lilyachty@brycehall♬ original sound – lilyachty

“We don’t want no TikTok smoke,” he continued. “Please. Don’t get your TikTok goons. We don’t want none of that. Please. Sorry.”

Thus far, it doesn’t seem that Hall has anything more to say to Lil Yachty regarding his controversial verse — but we wouldn’t put it past the self-described “party animal” to hit back with a track of his own.