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Lil Nas X roasts viral TikTok claiming he “sold his soul” for success

Published: 20/Sep/2021 5:37 Updated: 20/Sep/2021 5:15

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Lil Nas X roasted a viral TikTok video in which an aspiring music artist claims he “sold his soul for success” by making a parody video of his own, and it’s blowing up on social media.

In July 2021, Lil Nas X blew up on TikTok after people made videos poking fun at his ‘Satan Shoes,’ which contained a drop of his own blood.

He was in good spirits about it all, and even joined in the trend.

Now he’s taking over the platform yet again after parodying a viral TikTok video in which a girl trying to kick-start her own music career claims Lil Nas X “sold his soul” for success.


Lil Nas X in an Instagram picture
Instagram: lilnasx
Lil Nas X is an active TikTok user.

The video starts off with the girl introducing herself.

“My life f**king sucks. I’m an artist from the middle of nowhere. I’ve never gotten lucky or had any overnight success because I refuse to sell my soul,” she said.

However, when she says “I refuse to sell my soul,” her video shows a clip of Lil Nas X turning into a demon, implying he’s guilty of doing that. Then, she begs people to stream her song so it can get to one million plays.

@lovelaeli have no option but to blow this up, please help if you’re with me 😤‼️♬ my life is boring – lael

Eventually, the video caught Lil Nas X’s attention. He clapped back with a parody video of his own in which he imitates her and says things to try and earn people’s sympathy – which is what she was accused of doing.


“My life f**king sucks. I live in the middle of nowhere. My baby’s father’s left so I’m a single mother raising a child by myself,” he said.

After that, he goes off on a tangent and makes hilarious tongue-in-cheek references to himself. He claims people think he worships the devil because he “let Satan smash him” and only go to his concerts to make fun of him.

@lilnasx♬ TALES OF DOMINICA – lil nas x

The original video pulled 15 million views in a month. However, Lil Nas X’s video is a third of the way there in less than a day.

So, if you do want to try and take down Lil Nas X, you have to make sure it’s a big hit.