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KSI vs Logan Paul Official Fighter Weights Plus VoD of Weigh-In

Published: 24/Aug/2018 17:18

by Mike Kent


The biggest amateur white collar boxing fight in history is one step closer after each fighter took the scale.

KSI vs Logan Paul has been months in the making, and on Saturday, August 25, the two will walk out in front of tens of thousands at Manchester Arena, with millions watching at home.

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The YouTube pay-per-view event will feature five undercard fights, including Deji vs Jake Paul, with the main card featuring KSI and Logan Paul.

After the four undercard fighters left the stage, the tension increased in the room as Deji and Jake did separate weigh ins due to the altercation that happened the day before.


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Jake Paul came out and weighed in at 82.5KG, and while speaking to world-famous boxing announcer, Michael Buffer, he claimed he’s aiming for a first-round knockout.

Jake left the stage, but some kind of altercation happened as they walked away, delaying his opponent to the stage. Deji eventually made it up, and wearing a cap and face mask, he weighed in at 79.1kg.

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During his interview, Deji claimed Jake was scared and that’s why they had to do the weigh ins at separate times.

After a short wait, the main event appeared, with Logan Paul stepping up on stage in full Maverick merch and weighing in at 84.9kg.


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As expected, KSI made everyone wait for his entrance, but he didn’t disappoint as he played yet more mind games, wearing a mask of Logan’s girlfriend, Chloe Bennett. He weighed in at 84.9kg.

The small weight difference between the two has surprised many, with Logan previously expected to be the far heavier fighter.

Fighter Weights

Logan Paul (86kg) vs KSI (84.9kg)

Jake Paul (82.5kg) vs Deji (79.1kg)

JMX (93kg) vs Coach Richard (84.9kg)

FaZe Sensei (87kg) vs Overtflow (84kg)

Rackaracka (69kg) vs Scarce (79kg)

AnEsonGib (79kg) vs Jake Swingler (78kg)