KSI threatens to "slap Deji in the face" amid diss track drama - Dexerto

KSI threatens to “slap Deji in the face” amid diss track drama

Published: 6/May/2019 23:56 Updated: 6/May/2019 23:59

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTubers KSI and Deji Olatunji seemed to squash their beef in early 2019 – but now, the two brothers are feuding once more, and KSI isn’t playing nice this time.

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KSI appeared in an interview on YouTube channel ‘Uncut with S1’ on May 5, where he opened up about their current beef and even made a physical threat toward his little brother.

“I’m just done with him now,” KSI said of their feud. “…I don’t care anymore. He’s made his bed, now he can rest in it. … I think he’s actually special. He must have something wrong with his head. …If I saw him, I’d probably slap him in the face.”


[Timestamp: 28:16 for mobile viewers]

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According to KSI, Deji had asked their mother if he could re-upload the diss track, which prompted her to ask KSI about the issue. Although KSI appeared to say no to his request, Deji uploaded the video anyway, prompting a vehement reaction from his older brother.

KSI opens up about Logan Paul boxing match earnings

That wasn’t the only juicy info revealed during the podcast, either; KSI likewise admitted that he’d made enough money from his boxing match with Logan Paul to “last him his whole life.”

KSI vs Logan Paul, YouTubeLogan Paul and KSI threw down in the boxing ring in late August of 2018, with their match ending in a surprising draw.
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“I’ve already made enough before that to have a good life, but now it’s making sure my great-grandchildren have a good life,” KSI said laughingly.


KSI’s beef with Deji flared up once more after Deji made his diss track against KSI public, despite promising to take the video off the platform for good as an end to their initial beef in 2018.

KSI popped off on his brother via Twitter shortly thereafter, claiming that he hoped Deji “never ever reaches 10 million subscribers” and claiming that he was “done” with him.

The story behind KSI and Deji’s beef

The two initially fought in late 2018 after Deji uploaded a diss track against KSI’s cameraman, Randolph, which included photos of KSI’s bank records.

KSI, Twitter / TheBreadBatch, Instagram

Deji went on to claim that KSI had gotten a girl pregnant in a following video, appearing to insinuate that KSI had pressured her for an abortion.


Things continued to heat up until Deji kicked KSI out of the house on Christmas day, prompting KSI to issue a peace treaty with his brother, should he delete the diss track he’d made against him in the interim.

Now, it appears that Deji has broken that promise, with the brothers indefinitely estranged until further notice.