KSI & the Sidemen perform actual film stunts in their latest video - Dexerto

KSI & the Sidemen perform actual film stunts in their latest video

Published: 17/Sep/2018 1:04 Updated: 17/Sep/2018 2:07

by Virginia Glaze


In his latest video, massive YouTuber and white-collar boxer KSI took on the Sidemen, a group of seven British YouTubers that includes wroetoeshaw, miniminter, and KSI himself.

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While the fighting in the video is completely fictionalized, it still makes for some hilariously good fun.

The skit begins with KSI being sad about his draw with YouTuber Logan Paul, who he fought on August 25. The Sidemen come to comfort him, but end up laughing at his pain and cracking some clever jokes in the process.

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The group gets into an all-out brawl after KSI has enough of the taunting – and their choreography features some stunts that are actually pretty cool.


The group tumbles through the house, performing flips and throwing fake punches in an impressive action sequence. Eventually, the Sidemen engage in a gunfight, and end up throwing one another into their indoor pool.

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They even broke a window for the skit, and smashed a few bottles over each other’s heads, as well. KSI appeared to be quite shocked at the aftermath during a behind-the-scenes segment just after the video’s conclusion.

The video ends with KSI’s descent into madness, and the YouTuber being pulled up through his home’s stairway for several floors.

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A behind-the-scenes video revealed that the skit had an official director, film crew, and equipment, allowing for KSI’s floating sequence toward the end of the video. One member of the sidemen actually sustained an injury during the filming, during a scene where the group tumbled into another room.

While cheesy, watching the Sidemen perform crazy stunts for a video certainly makes for an interesting time.