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KSI offers James Charles a way to “save” his career

Published: 13/May/2019 20:30

by Eli Becht


Olajide William ‘KSI‘ Olatunji, well-known for his bout with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, offered up a boxing match for James Charles to save his career following his record pace of losing subs.

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James Charles, after being called out in a video by Tati Westbrook for his behavior, finds himself in an interesting position as he has been rapidly losing YouTube subscribers for the past several days.

He started at 16 million subscribers but is now down to 13 million and is still losing subscribers by the minute. This led to KSI offering James a way to potentially save his sinking channel.


ReutersKSI against Logan Paul.
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Is anyone willing to box James Charles?

In true KSI fashion, he offered to set up a boxing match for James Charles to save his now struggling career. This is of course in a reference to KSI’s boxing matches with Logan Paul and Joe Weller, tow things that ended up being a lot more popular than they really should have.

It’s highly unlikely James Charles would actually agree to a boxing match but you can’t say KSI didn’t do his part to help.

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James Charles has been losing subscribers at a record pace and has now been surpassed by Jeffree Star as the top beauty YouTuber.


Although an apology video was released, it didn’t really help prevent him from losing subscribers so maybe he might actually have to think about scheduling a boxing match.

YouTube: James CharlesJames Charles has been losing subs very fast on YouTube.

Why is James Charles losing all of these subs?

All of the drama started when Tati Westbrook released a 43-minute video detailing a lot of James Charles’ behavior like flirting with straight men, promoting a competing vitamin brand and other things, just revealing James Charles isn’t exactly who he said he was.

Following this, Charles began to lose subscribers while Tati gained them. PewDiePie argued Tati might be using this controversy to push her own brand and he has problems with the video


Whatever the case may be, it looks like James Charles is hurting right now and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.