KSI mocks Bryce Hall fight challenge: "How dare you!" - Dexerto

KSI mocks Bryce Hall fight challenge: “How dare you!”

Published: 18/Jun/2021 23:49 Updated: 18/Jun/2021 23:52

by Virginia Glaze


British YouTube star KSI is currently focusing on his music career — but that didn’t stop Bryce Hall from calling him out for a potential boxing match, which KSI doesn’t seem to be entertaining.

Bryce Hall faced off against rival influencer Austin McBroom in the Battle of the Platforms this past weekend, losing the fight against his opponent in the second round by TKO.

However, prior to his faceoff with the ACE Family YouTuber, Hall struck up a beef with KSI on social media, getting into quite the feud that had many fans eyeballing a future match between the two.


This doesn’t seem to be in the cards, though, as Hall later appeared to back out of the possible matchup, stating in an interview with Drama Alert that he “is a fan of KSI and Deji” when approached about the subject.

That isn’t stopping KSI from dunking on the Sway House star, though, as told in a June 18 Reddit reaction video where he mocked the TikToker’s boxing performance.

“It’s a shame, because he had so much talk, and just had nothing to show for it!” KSI laughed. “Austin McBroom turned Bryce Hall into a bobble-head, the amount of times he was knocking his head back with those jabs and right hands.”


“He was chatting so much sh*t, and then just got slapped,” he continued. “The amount of memes coming out of Bryce Hall, it’s embarrassing. And he thought he could fight me! Bryce Hall thought he could fight me! Come on, man. I would beat every single person on that card.”

As for who KSI hopes to fight next, the British influencer claimed he wants to throw down with Jake Paul — although Jake made it quite clear he was “done” discussing the match after claiming that KSI was ducking him due to concerns about the global health crisis last year.


For now, it looks like KSI will continue to train up and build on his musical success while Jake Paul gears up for his bout with Tyron Woodley — leaving Bryce Hall itching to get back in the ring in the near future with an as-yet unnamed opponent.