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KSI hits back at Jake Paul’s claims that he’s “scared” to fight

Published: 8/Aug/2020 16:35

by Joe Craven


Popular British YouTuber and rapper Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has hit back at Jake Paul’s claims that he’s ‘scared’ of a boxing match, as the wait for a fight between the two men goes on. 

Despite the pair being heavily rumored to be setting up a fight for months now, a boxing match between KSI and Jake Paul has not yet materialized. KSI has now overcome Jake’s older brother Logan across two fights, while the younger Paul brother beat out Deji before breezing past AnEsonGib in the first round.

This, along with the war of words that has raged between the two men for the past few months, led many to believe that one final fight was on the way. However, Paul has since been confirmed as fighting ex-NBA star Nate Robinson on September 12.


Nate Robinson playing for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA
Flickr: Shinya Suzuki
Nate Robinson during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

The fight with Robinson means that any bout between KSI and Jake Paul will likely not happen until 2021, but the pair’s verbal battles have continued.

In an August 7 YouTube video, KSI addressed the Paul brothers once again, and responded to claims made by Jake that he is “scared” of a potential fight.

Asked by older brother Logan whether he was worried about “over-performing” and scaring KSI, Jake responded: “I think KSI is already scared.”

In reply, KSI laughed and said: “Says the guy who made a fake contract, and tried to get me to sign said fake contract. What? I’m scared? Jake, I am not scared, I want to fight you. Trust me. I want to beat the living sh*t out of you.”


“But I can’t!” he continued. “You know why? Because we’re in a pandemic right now. I know you don’t care about the pandemic because you literally threw a party during it… can you be more dumb? That’s just incredibly selfish.”

Criticism of Paul’s behavior during the ongoing health crisis has been widespread, but some, including Jake himself, have defended it.

The pair do look set to fight each other at some point but, as KSI makes clear, the current global situation is not one conducive to travel or large groups of spectators gathering.

We will have to wait and see how this one unfolds but, for the time being, neither man is backing down.