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KSI fans concerned by deleted ‘single and alone’ Instagram post

Published: 31/Oct/2021 13:14 Updated: 31/Oct/2021 13:17

by Sam Comrie


Fans of KSI are banding together to show their concern for the YouTube star after he posted and deleted a cryptic Instagram story post. 

With a career that is constantly in the spotlight, whether that is from his YouTube content or dropping new songs, KSI’s social media presence is always monitored by fans.

While the creator may use his platforms to take playful jabs at rivals like Jake Paul or to showcase hilarious collaborations, it can also be a place of self-reflection and some well-needed venting.

However, some posts spark more interest than others for fans, especially when it’s something pretty cryptic.


KSI Great Celebrity Bake Off
Mark Bourdillon / Great Celebrity Bake Off
KSI has transitioned off laptop screens and onto TV screens too, appearing on The Great British Bake Off.

Did KSI and his girlfriend break up?

Following a now-deleted Instagram post, where the creator stated he felt “Single and alone,” KSI fans have offered support across different social media platforms, with many summarizing it’s a reference to his love life.

“Did he really break up with his missus?” asked one concerned fan. “Wait, is this real? Man really said on the podcast that he wants to marry her. Damn,” added another. “If he actually broke up with his GF then we should give JJ time and patience, but for some reason I wanna think he’s trolling,” added another.

Previously, KSI went on Logan Paul’s ImPaulsive podcast, stating that he had found “the one” but kept many details private – which he said is a “huge factor” in maintaining the longevity of a relationship. So, while fans don’t even know the identity of his girlfriend, many felt “sad” if they had actually split.

Other users theorized that the now-deleted post is a part of an upcoming YouTube video. “Callux made a video where he let JJ and Simon control his Twitter. So what if its the other way around now?? I sure hope so…” said one. “I assume and hope this is some sort of troll,” added another.


The YouTuber has yet to reappear on social media since deleting the post, so he is yet to comment on it’s meaning. Either way, fans are rallying behind him.